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There have recently been a couple of threads that have indirectly challenged the definition of what is or is not "family friendly," especially in regard to language and sexually explicit content. While we have beat the language issue to death, I want to address the issue of sexually tinted topics and make our stance clear.

While sex has saturated virtually every aspect of western society and is as commonplace as crude language, it has no place here on TDH. We can't and won't presume to impose our views upon actions in your personal life or on other online venues, but due to our desire to keep TDH family friendly, we ask that you refrain from posting anything that is either sexually explicit or even implied. Of course, what is considered "sexual" in nature varies from individual to individual and while we will not attempt to make a complete listing of what is considered sexually inappropriate here at TDH, as a general rule, from here forward, do not post images of scantily clad women (or men). This would include pictures from conventions such as the "tape girls." The exception to this would be Slave Leia or other costumes directly related to Star Wars or other comic/movie costumes. Even images of this type of costume should not contain sexual overtones or overtly sexual postures or suggestive positions. Ultimately, it will be the administration who makes the final determination as to what is appropriate and what is not.

As with inappropriate language, most of us are adults here and most of us know what is considered appropriate and inappropriate, despite our personal feelings. Please be responsible and post with the knowledge that there are children reading your posts. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please feel free to PM me.

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