Take a look at what this goons trying to pass off


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Man, that sure is one hot lookin' helmet! JK JK ok please don't flame me! Man that would suck if someone actually bought that... thats almost as bad, if not worse, than people selling potatos on eBay!


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askywalker98 said:
thats almost as bad, if not worse, than people selling potatos on eBay!

Oh man! People be sellin potatos on Ebay? I gotta head over there and pick some taters up! What category are they under?:lol:


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:cry :cry :cry and to think I just bought this exact same 1996 RUBIES for the whopping price of $26.99 :confused WHAT WAS I THINKING????????????
That guy's been selling those things for the past eight month. Everytime I do a search for helmets I see one of those on there. I noticed with eBay, a lot of people just don't know what they're selling.


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It is amazing the perception of some people. Dont they see that that is an awful piece of mess? Boy am I cleaning it up. You really dont want to know what I was really calling it.


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I believe this to be a Rubie's and Rubie's Calls these Helmets "Deluxe". Same applies for their other helmets, stormtrooper, Darth etc.. You don't want to see their lower versions.

Live auctions aren't allowed if someone is actually going to bid on it!


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:facepalm yeah well... this aint that bad...right? I mean... it IS one of Rubies deluxe thingies? The normal version is that warpy mask like thing.
My Jango Rubies was supposed to be a "deluxe aswell, considerin the normal one is that 2 piece PVC injected thingy.
And as for "brand new" I interprete that as:"never been out of its box"

its not that 99999999 dollar deluxe I know... but still... it's even the right price for a rubies/DP


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people that con like that should be taken out and fed to the Sarlaac... literally... ill make a big pit full of slow eating acid and well throw them all in... unfortunetly theyll starve before they fully dissolve.. but oh well.. there dead.