Table Top Belt Sander


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Hey Guys,

I have been thinking about it and I want to buy a table top belt sander, for the sole purpose of being able to cleanly trim armor.

So i went to sears and they have a couple of different models ranging from 120-220 in price.

I am not really sure what the best one would be I figured some guys here could point me in the right direction.




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Don’t get a craftsmen, your only buying the name. I bought a craftsmen belt sander couple of years ago and it broke, big time, there was nuts and bolts rattling around, etc. I had always thought Craftsmen items were guaranteed for life. So I took it back and they wouldn’t do a thing about it. They ended up saying they could send it back to the factory and repair it for a min fee… in the end I ended up spending more money getting it repaired and still has never run right.

I suggest going to Lowes or Home Depot and shop around there.
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Just their hand tools have the lifetime warranty... and with some of them its easier to buy another brand than go back to the store weekly for replacements ie. tape measures and their 5in1 and 10in1 screwdrivers. I agree with paying for the name on everything else.


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I don thave a table sander, but I use my 10'' grinder for EVERYTHING. All you need is a block of sintra, and you can grind out almost any shape.

Some day id liek to have a table top sander to compliment it.

I always buy craftsman, and if you are rough enough with them, they will take it back. Just cant take no for an answer.