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Originally posted by ShackMan:

The alternate blinking (at the same rate) is easy to do with a 555 timer (BB knows what I'm talking about). You tie one LED between the 555 output and positive voltage, and the other between the same 555 pin and ground.

When the 555 output goes high, it turns on the grounded LED. When the 555 goes low, it turn on the other one. You'd have to tinker with resistor values to adjust the "on-time" for each LED (if you want them the same) ... but the flash rate would be consistent since they're tied to the same output.

I've done this set-up before, so it works. :)

Good luck,


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Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

Shackman, I'd be more than willing to pay for whatever parts are needed for you to play with those resistors to get about a 1 sec on-time for each LED. Not trying to put you under any pressure or anything but I would have no idea what I was doing. I believe a lot of people would be interested in this especially if we added the mercury switch so they wouldn't acctually have to damage their Rangefinder with an ugly on/off switch. If you could get this set and send me a wiring diagram, I would love to make a mini-tutorial out of it for everyone to use!

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Tilt Switches

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

I have been trying to find out more info on these tilt switches. They seem to be the smallest around! I want as little stuff in the rangefinder as possible so if I ever find a monitor small enough I will have room to place it in there as well...

Originally posted by glimadyne:

Braks, I have some of those metal can micro tilt switches in stock here. I like them over the glass ones since they are sealed and wont break. Let me know if you are interested in them. I use these metal can tilt switches on my mini sound boards to activate lightsaber waving sounds...

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Originally posted by ShackMan:


Maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but shouldn't the LEDs protrude more through the range finder (ie, stick out farther)?

Also, did you get my e-mail?


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Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

Shack, the among the LEDs stick out can go either way I think. Check out the ref pics on the first page of this thread. The only LEDs I see that break the surface of the rangefinder are on the RotJ helmet. It would appear that the ESB LEDs are flush or even sunken a bit. Course I could be wrong. Personally I prefer the sunken look.

BTW, yes, I got your email and I am not ignoring you. I have just been incredibley lazy today...

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I've found a lokal store in Gothenburgh which sells Tilt switches for a reasonable price.

" Mfr. Assemtech
Hermetic metal encapsulated gas filled switch for applications where indication of the tilt angle or movement is required. The switch, which does NOT contain mercury but instead a gold plated ball can replace mercury switches in many applications.

Max angle
on: 15° under horizontal line
off: 15° over horizontal line
Max breaking capacity: 250 mA 60 Vac/dc, 3VA
Max contact resistance: 30 Ω
Temp. range: −40 to +150 °C
Dim cover: Æ4.7×L10 mm
Dim connections: Æ0.5×L12 mm "

1 = 5.24 SEK + VAT per peice
10 = 4.19 SEK + VAT per peice
30 = 3.56 SEK + VAT per peice

So if 10 people order then that would mean that it would only cost 75 cents/ 0.4 £ (VAT included) a peice +plus shipping.

Any interest?

By the way.. the stores homepage it www.efla.se and IT CAN be view in english. just look at the upper right corner and you should se a bunch of flags to click on.
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