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I'm not a frequent poster at this forum, but I've been a member here for two years now, and visit the site almost every day.

Now it time I post some pictures of my progress.... ;)

First, I want to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge here. You have all made prop building to my favourite hobby!

Leather works:


Belt pockets

Braided belt - my own solution. The braids are sawn on a larger piece of leather, and a old belt added so I can easily strap it around the waist. The belt with the pockets hides the belt.

A close up on the braid before I coloured it. (6 braid, 6mm)


Proud owner of a BKTB helmet!!! Dremeld, sanded and primed ready for the Ruff n' buff ;)


Shoe,and leg armour (the vest is just on it's way to be finished, so I haven't started on the "torso armour" yet.

Gauntlets, soon finished....

My goal is to be finished within 3 months. Still need a jet pack though.

Hope u like the pictures :cheers I will soon post some more.
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That's some excellent looking armour you have there and good work on the holsters/belt, topped off nicely with a BKTB bucket...top choice.

Can't wait to see it when it's done. Good luck with it.
That's looking very impressive for the start! :thumbsup:
Well done! :cheers

And yup, 3 months are possible (but 1 1/2 are to be beaten ;) ...ok without jet pack...).

However, looking forward to your progress.
Goodluck with your stuff! It's looking great! Nice leather work! And don't be shy to post! Are those RA gauntlets? They look like mine, but nicer lol mine are a bit beaten up.
Thanks for all your kind words!!

I will keep me promise then ;)
Here's some new pictures...


The braided belt. First I just planned just to have sides on the the pockets in each end, but now I see I have to do that on all seven.

I have attached the groin to the holsters now. Here's the holsters with the braided belt.

And this is how the look on :) Don't mind the colour of the suit. I'm going to upgrade it... And I have to stay away from those pizzas, too :lol:

I have also installed the flashing light on the right gauntlet.

askywalker98: Yes,I bought the gauntlet as a kit from Mark Bradly :)
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My BKBT is ready!!! :thumbsup:

Not weathered, but I'll do that together with the rest of the armour when it's all ready.




Silver is Ruff n' buff, and the blue is Model Master french blue, mixed with white for the lighter blue and black for the darker blue.
WOW! Well done!
especially the paintjob so far!

...is it me, or are the upper mandible edges a lil bit warped to the right side??
No, your quite right I'm afraid...
I attached the T-visor with contact glue, and didn't notice that the right side came a bit higher then the left.
I guess it wouldn't be a to big problem thi fix it, but I would need a new T-visor.

I have been working a bit on my costume during the summer.
I've just finished my knee's and the left gauntlet. (the right one was done before) I also fixed the belt pockets with sides on all pockets.
Here's the pictures...

These are sintra knees that I have builded up using bondo. The darts are metal.

I have added the darts (metal) and the hook. I colored the hose blue with textil color (must be a better way though:facepalm .)

Here's a picture of the sides on the pockits.

I have the vest ready, and I'm working on building the chest and back.
I also have a jet pack on it's way other the Atlantic :thumbsup:

Thx for your time...


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JangoUri said:
where did you get the braid belt? how much did it cost to you?

I made it myself. I used an old belt, that I attached a piece of leather to. On that I attached the braids. The braids themself I purchased here in Sweden at a local leather shop for 9$/meter (A total of 120$-13 rows) I didn't attach any braids under the leather belt with the pockets, as they wouldn't show anyway...
Then I dyed everything brown.
Everything is looking absolutly fabulous! Do you have any fans in your helmet though? That may be why its getting so hot. Also, do you have any sort of voice amp? You don't need that, just wondering though.
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