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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Fettology, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Fettology

    Fettology Jr Member

    So I'm sure this has been discussed before but I couldn't find any info on this. I was watching the Supertrooper/ Prototype Boba video and was listening not only to his voice but also some sound fx that were happening. I don't know if it was some sort of feedback from the mic but the sounds were really cool and very space like. Does anyone make a sound board for these sounds?

    Also does anyone know what kind of voice amp they used to get that more static sound?
  2. kelev

    kelev Jr Member

    If anyone does find the audio, I'd love to incorporate it into my soundboard.
  3. DeathProof

    DeathProof Active Member

    I put the sound file on my dropbox:

    Dropbox - Boba-suit-sound.mp3

    It's a 2 minute file, just put it on loop. I used to add this to my suit, but people really didn't know what the heck it was - too obscure for them to know the sound and it ended up being just noise.
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  4. Fettology

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    Hey DeathProof is that file to the link valid? I clicked on it but it said it was invalid. May be because I used my phone. I'll see if my computer works with the link. But I can't wait to see what it sounds like and or incoperate it in the suit.
  5. DeathProof

    DeathProof Active Member


    Works well for me. I don’t think it’s a private file, so you should be good to download it. Let me know if you have issues. I can email it as well.

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