Superjedi's SE armor


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Another piece of armor down-- the kidney plate! This one was relatively quick.
I still need to measure and drill holes for the studs so I can mate this with the cod piece.

20220226_164847.jpg 20220226_165220.jpg

20220226_164928.jpg 20220226_165007.jpg


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Not even finished painting all my armor yet and I've already made an upgrade! :p
I swapped out the resin studs for a set of "found part" studs.
Now my armor is more aerodynamic and can do simple mathematics!

20220228_161840.jpg 20220228_161309.jpg


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Finished up the biggest piece of armor today... the backplate!
Wow is that a lot of real estate. :)
I'm including a reference image that I used to place the big white scratches that I assume were made by the jetpack. I guess paint from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away wasn't very durable. ;)

20220305_181217.jpg 20220305_181226.jpg 20220305_181237.jpg

20220305_181639.jpg 20220304_164323.jpg