Superjedi's MF ESB for Miggs Fett


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Hi, Fett fans! I'm beginning what will be a milestone for me... my 60th helmet commission! o_O Where does the time go?
This one is a "sanitized" version of the lineage helmets we've seen over the past couple of years. The kit is from Minutefett and includes a set of resin ears. I received it from my customer, who did a nice job with the prep work before sending it to me.
This one will be done as a screen used ESB.
Since this photo was taken I've started installing some rare earth magnets in the ear cap, and have given all the parts a nice soapy bath in preparation for painting.
There will be much more to come!



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Not a big change in appearance here, but I have removed the ears and visor and given the helmet a coat of primer. I like to use Tamiya primer in the spray cans. It's really great, whether it's the regular surface primer or the fine surface primer.

Tip: if you've ever had paint peel up from a project after removing tape or other masking media, try hitting your helmet (or whatever you're working on) with a coat of "adhesion promoter" before spraying the primer coat. It helps a lot in bonding the primer better to the surface.

20220121_123609.jpg 20220121_123655.jpg


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I airbrushed the first color on the back panels. I'm using Archive-X acrylic Dark Grime.
While I had the airbrush out, I did the RF ear parts, too. This is Archive-X acrylic Lt Earth.

20220122_073051.jpg 20220122_072923.jpg


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Helmet looking great as usual. I’ll look into the Adhesion promoter, when I paint my helmet. Which for me will be spring time , as i don’t have a paint booth and today was 17 out.