Superjedi's FPH2 for Odiwan72


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Hey all!
Back at it with another ESB lid. This one is number 35. (y) It's for Odiwan72 (hi Markus!)
This is an FPH2 kit, and it will feature a set of Machinecraft metal ears. They're beautiful!

Odiwan72 will be building up an interior to mimic the screen used helmet, so I was asked to paint the interior as a base. Reference pics of the interior are very scarce, but I tried to choose a couple of colors that would match as closely as possible. I shot a couple of shades and blended them a bit to get this result.

20190221_205555.jpg 20190221_205611.jpg 20190221_205623.jpg

I'll mask this off and begin working on the exterior. The rear panels will be first.


I've been trying and trying to get my cat scratches to look as amazing at your but threes no comparison. You lay it down so smoooooooth!
Looking real good!


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It's not a dumb question at all.
I use a layered technique for the beige and dark green on the rear panels. Everything else is painted topically.

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thanks for sort of threw me with the steps. In my head I thought people went either Topical or Layered, I didn't know both would be used together.