Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for JCFett


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Well I didn't get much of a break between commissions. :lol: But that's ok!

I'm starting a new FPH2 helmet for JCFett. He's sent me some great accessories with this one. Machinecraft metal ears, a metal Borden, a TF range finder topper, areal Casio MQ-1, as well as a light kit and servo that he'll install. Very cool stuff!

I've started the prep and got the helmet shell all cut and trimmed this afternoon.

20190513_162102.jpg 20190513_162032.jpg 20190513_162050.jpg

Here's the helmet as it stands tonight.

20190514_175632.jpg 20190514_175651.jpg


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Making good progress with the rear panels.
I got them stenciled, then masked using my Winsor and Newton masking fluid.

20190518_064307.jpg 20190518_064246.jpg

The dark green was airbrushed on. It looks like a mess at this stage, lol.


After removing the liquid mask, I refined the shapes of the damage areas with a liner brush and added some smaller detail. Now the panels are ready for some gray and silver.

20190518_132036.jpg 20190518_154956.jpg


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Got the big scrape on the right panel done. It's an eye crosser! o_O The remaining sections on this panel will probably take less time than this one area, lol.