Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for Boba87Fett


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
Back at the beginning again, lol. I'm starting another Wasted Fett FPH2 kit for member Boba87Fett. This one includes a set of machined aluminum ears from Machinecraft Replicas, a real Casio circuit board, and a Terminalfettler RF topper. Really cool gear!
Prep had been started before the helmet made its way to me, and I'll check everything over before starting any paintwork.

20200210_123212.jpg 20200210_123245.jpg


Sr Hunter
Good deal! Here's some more progress...

I sprayed a fresh coat of primer yesterday to even things out, and got the first color coat on this afternoon.


Tomorrow I'll be able to start masking for the dark green.