Superjedi's ESB Fugly for Viva Fett


Sr Hunter
Happy Star Wars Day!
What better day to begin a shiny new helmet commission?
This will be helmet number 62, and it's the first time I'll be working with a cast from Viva Fett. As some of you may know, Viva Fett bought all of Wasted Fett's molds for helmets and armor and is now officially selling products.
This is a Fugly kit, which has been around for a while. It's nicely molded in fiberglass and gelcoat, and comes with a set of resin ears, a metal RF stalk, and resin RF topper. There's a visor included as well.
Viva Fett did most of the prep on this one, so I'll give it a bath and then we'll be ready for primer.
Much more to come!

20220502_164158.jpg 20220502_164140.jpg


Sr Hunter
Got a few more stages done on the back panels.
I stenciled the patterns, then used some masking fluid to block out the damage areas.
Then I airbrushed the dark green.
Finally, I went back with a fine brush and refined the edges of the shapes. Now we're ready for some gray and silver!

20220507_161745.jpg 20220507_161719.jpg