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Hi all,
Got some pics of my new ammo belt! I had picked up some balsa wood and vinyl in plans of making my own belt using BatNinja's excellent tutorial, but quickly realized that I couldn't justify buying a sewing machine for what would likely be just this one project. (Besides, I've had some bad experiences with sewing machines in the past *shudder*)
So I worked out a deal with him to do the portions that had to be stitched, i.e. the pouch flaps, and belt itself. He then sent me back the completed pieces with my remaining vinyl, and I built up the pouches from wood, and covered them.
I think it has a nice "leather" look to it.
Thanks again to BatNinja for doing the sewing portions for me! (y)



Jun Garros Fett said:
The combined talents of you and batninja have produced a great looking belt. (y)

hehe... good point. I didn't mean to make it sound like Eric did all the work ;)
Good job (y)
Great looking belt. (y)

The gromets look better than any I have found. Where did you / batninja get them from?
Great looking belt! Wow!

As for the grommets, I found them in the sewing section of Wal-Mart. They're 1/4" antiqued brass, and come 15 to a pack. I wish I had a brand name for you, but I used up the last of them, and don't have a package available.

I used a hammer and leather punch to make the holes, and a grommet setter to finish them up.
Okay, the brand name for the grommets (eyelets) is Prym Sewing, 1'4" Large Eyelets, Antique Brass, stock no. 14020-38:


I hope this helps!


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