General Super Beginner- Looking for painting advice


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Hey guys i'm a huge beginner to all of this, I was wondering if there is any books I can read or tutorials to prop painting you recommend. I am in all sense a beginner to painting in general besides walls haha.



hi wrath ,welcome to the forum, im sure there are prop painting books around but I don't know of any , there are some tutorials on youtube ,there's build tutorials here but it involves a bit of searching ,


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I love the idea of a Super Beginner. I'm not going to be much help though, there is a massive amount of information on these boards, so many build ups and different solutions to building Fett from different parts with various methods of painting.

I suggest reading all the stickied threads in the various sections - those probably contain the initial crucial tutorials, in some cases they will go back a long way so read to the end to be up to date. Welcome!