Suggestions on what one should look for in a starter Airbrush kit?


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Hey all!!!

I am getting to the point where paint will soon be hitting plastic, and inevitably airbrushing will be required. I have a compressor that I use for around the house, and the PSI can be changed to accomodate an airbrush, so I have that covered. The questions I have are:
  1. What are good makes/models of airbrushes that aren't going to break the bank.
  2. What features should one look for in an airbrush? Single? Dual? Cup or mixing jar? I am so confused.....
  3. What sort of paints should one use when painting the armor?
If anyone has any other pertainant information about airbrushes that I may have neglected, please feel free to let me know!!
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A Good starter is the Aztek. Pretty easy to maintain and comes in a lot of variations. Parts and supplies are easy to come by too as it's quite popular.
I'd go for dual action brush, they can be more difficult to use but yiu have a lot more control. As for the container I always use jars as they can be sealed after use so that you can retain the same mix for later. Paints, I always use acrylic. It dries fast, can be mixed easily and is quite tough when dry.
I think Raffles covered it pretty well here. The acrylics are also easier to clean up afterwards and less harsh on your airbrush. I think most common brand depends on where you live, in my part of the world, I would say badgers are more prevalent and easy to find parts/support for. I couldn't say for Canada though; might be best to check your local art supply store since you will probably be buying paints and such there anyways. Definitely go for the dual action brush though. With Dual you control the air flow and the paint volume.

i've got a badger anthem, and i'd say it's a good starter dual action brush. other than that, i've used the paasche vl quite heavily and have always been happy with it.

back in the early 90s i had 4 of them, and never had a problem that i didn't cause myself (like dropping it or similarly dumb things)

the cups are tricky, since it's really easy to spill you paint. jars will cost you a bit more, but it's worth it.
I suggest the INTERNAL mix Aztek airbrush. You can acheive great results with an external mix airbrush but it's a bit more tricky and from my experience splatters a bit more than an internal mix. Another thing I suggest it using a gravity feed paint cup as opposed to s syphon feed paint cup. with the gravity feed you waste less paint.
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