Straight-on ESB Armor Weathering Patterns / PICS???

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I'm sure these exist through a number of threads, but I am just looking for a few 'straight-on' and distinct pics of the weathering patterns on ESB Fett armor...

Don't need to be screen shots - Somebody's personal armor will be just as good (& doesn't need to be 100% perfect). Just want some semi-accurate wear, for painting my armor & gauntlets (& jet pack, & knee armor if you have any) - Demanding SOB, aren't I???

Got my helmet painted by Rimshot, which came out great, and I just want the rest of the armor to look authentic as well...

Any help appreciated... If easier to e-mail pics (


P.S. And for what it's worth, I can produce a pretty kick-ass logo for the chest and shoulder armor (I have a couple 'vouchers' out there for their quality). I may have a few floating around, but can start a run if demand is enough, for anyone intersted.)
Hey Bud,

I would be glad to paint your armor for you too :) I can gurantee a quality as good and maybe even better than the helmet I did for you. PM me if ur interested.
Here is what I have come up with so far.

<font color="#FF0000">RED = physically damage spots on the armor
GREY = chrome color
<font color="#FFFF33">YELLOW = Primer color


Anyone see something I am missing?
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well done FT!! Looks to me like you have all the weathering pretty much covered for an ESB set up. did mine almost exacly as you have depicted.


Lets see an ab plate now;)
Now the only dents that I can make outon the ESB is a ball bearing size dent and large marble size dent on the LED chest plate and one large dent in upper corner of the AB piece, and another dent on the lower edge of the AB. Then the other chest piece does not have any dents.

Yes I believe you have the dents correct. :thumbsup: For some reason the right chest plate has hardly any damage on it. Logically speaking, maybe its because that side stays covered by his arm more since he shoots righ-handed than the left.

Still working on the ab plate. Should have it done in a day or two.
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