Stormrider hic run (control boxes, partial fronts and full fronts)


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Hello again Stormrider I would like a full front cast when you do your next run gagging to get one. Would love to know full cost as forgotten so long ago and also have to pay to get it to UK if you know what that would be it would help. Can't wait as yours are the Best.


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I would agree with FrozenInTime, I too would not hesitate in ordering from stormrider. From reviewing this forum stormrider seems like a stand up guy, and will make any "issues" right.


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Contact jbdubz. Stormrider needs to fix his mold. The more people who are interested, the likelier he will be to repair the mold and order the rubber.

Sean Hebein

I recently finished my HIC using Stormrider's casting.

Darth Nailz

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I know it’s an old thread but I’m looking to get one for myself if you are still up and running Storm Rider. Sent a pm as well. Thanks