sticking it on the vest !

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The first time , i tried velcro.That didn't work to well . The second time and 'till now i have had it glued on . This has worked out very well for me .Now i'm at a point where i am going to make a more accurate vest and i was wondering , has anyone tried buttons or snaps , like on trooper armor?

Iv'e heard of magnets and if this doesn't work , that's next .
snaps dude!

i have my armor on with snaps and it works pretty damn well!

my armor is metal as well so its quite a bit heavier than plastic.
I actually just got done bolting my metal armor to my vest. First i epoxied washers to the armor. The bolts sit inside the hole to give them a little support on the sides. Then I JB welded the bolts into the waser holes, waited 20 hours (aaargh)...I then made marks on the vest with the screw tips covered in whiteout to make a mark. Then made holes through the vest and fastened eyelets/grommets in the holes. Put the posts through washer on the other side and bolted it down. Worked like a charm...That alum armor isnt going anywhere no matter how hard i land after a JP jump... :lol:

good luck i bet the snaps would work well too...

By majority votes here...I think that SNAPS are the best way to attach the armor to the vest. If you ask me, yes, go for the snaps. I had bad experience with both velcro and magnets with no accurate result. Regardless, I have to make changes to my vest also.

Well, as far as fan-costumes are concerned, perhaps snaps ARE the best alternative for many. But, as photographs have shown, the actual Fett suit used bolts for attaching the armor to the vest. Not that it matters, as long as your armor stays in place.
Definitely, same to you Chris. :)
Really good to finally meet up :)

I'm glad the tutorial helps, too! I'd had people ask me questions about snaps and came quickly to the conclusion that it's nearly impossible to describe how they work with only words. Even when I made the tutorial I felt it was becomming too complicated.

If anyone has questions or if it's in any way unclear please let me know... :)

I still swear by magnets for the vest though :)

Hi guys

this is what i just need as ive finish painting my MLC armour but where do uk guys get these snaps from?



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I used what they call Tie Tacks.
The samething they use for hat pins and such.
Has a pin and butterfly clamp.
I JB weld the pins to the armor.
Works great.
AND you can change the placement easily without leaving big holes in your Vest.
That's what I did.
Robert E.
Hi Neil, I found some 'snaps' in my local hobbycraft store, they're made by a company called 'Prym' and are called 'press fasteners' they go for a couple of quid a packet :D

They do a range of sizes, i'm not sure what everyone else uses but 10mm looked about right (please let me know somebody if this is way off as i've not attaced them yet)

Hi jon

got mine from Trago Mills :) for 35p, for a pack of six and are 10mm in diameter.

Super glued these on and now having trouble getting the armour level and straight when stiching on the vest, but the wife said shell help me sow them on.

It took me an hour to sew on 2 lastknight, so if anyone has any good tips please LMK



uk-scout TB7290
Snaps will allow you to remove the armor. But, it will make the armor stand out too much!
I use small screws to attach the armor. It works pretty well too.
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