Steel Boba helmet. Almost finished!!!!

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Here is my project. . . . .and what a project it is. I posted about it some time ago if you all remember. It's taken me about 2 months. Well here are some pics to show you just what it is I've been doin lately.
I'm sure you can see the writing. those are there because I didnt feel like photoshoping it. Their just making reference to all the obvious flaws.

So , what do you think so far? The side antenna box was a pain but I think that after a nice polish it will look fine. once the paint is added it will look awesome!

The Lap joint welds are done with TIG. The major weld are done with MIG.

So what do you think? If you see any flaws that I may have forgotten be sure to tell me. I want this to turn out great. It already makes a great display and conversation piece. there is still alot of work that has to go into this. Like the DOME!!!!:( and it stinks. But I've already got a good start on it so It will pan out. . . . . . Hopefully. I hope you like it. Later!


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Looks like it's gonna end up being one sweet bucket. I can't even imagine the amount of work that has gone into it so far. :cheers

Lookin good so far man. This helmet looks way better in person it looks a little rough in the pics but it will be nice once it has the finish on it and some primer.
*scotty voice* The pictures are just to large captain!! If we push the forum any harder, the whole thing will blow!!!

HEHE jk.
Helmet looks fantastic. keep up the good work
a steel helmet :eek: . . . awesome (y) !!!

That looks great . . . must have taken alot of hard graft.
Looking forward to seeing this completed.
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Thats firggin awesome man. About the dome. Have you thought about trying to use the dome off of a old steel military helmet. I don't know if it would be big enough but it might make it a little easier. Just a thought.
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