Starting first set of armor - Ideas


I picked up a 4'x 8' sheet of sintra last night (I've a pretty nice hook-up on it) and will very soon start my first set of Boba Fett armor.

What are some things that can help in the shaping of it?

Are there any common household items that help with giving a desired shape, or is it touch and go?

How curved is the armor? Is there a standard, or is it more or less to fit?

I will probably be 'playing' with the material for the next couple of days, as it is something new to me.

Thanks for any suggestions.

EDIT: I found the answers to some of these through the search (sorry, still learning my way around here). I'm still curious about my third question though.
since everyone is different you will have to play with the armor shape and size alot. I used a hairdrier to shape the chest plates and shoulder bells and backplate. not to happy with the backplate though, to flimsy.
well, what i did was buy some sheets of the sintra, and made my self some templates out of cardboard, and posterboard. i then just traced the templates onto the sintra, and cut the out with an Xacto knife. i then took my peices to my oven, and preheated it up to 350. i then took a cooking sheet, and placed 1 peice at a time placed them into the oven onto the cooking sheet. i then just watched it carefully. i would open the oven every once and awhile, and would kinda bend the plastic to see it it was flexable. as soon as it got soft, i took it out, and curved it accross my chest. make sure you have about 2 shirts on, or an undershirt, and a Tshirt. :lol: i basically got my general shape of the armor. i then ran the peice under some cold water. that helps it set better. and then, you repete the process. don't let the armor get so soft that it is like paper flinsy. for the battle damage, its nice to have a dremel tool. i just carved out all the battle damage with one.
So is it better to use a heat gun or hair drier? People joke about how I must have asbestos lining my fingers, but I'm not a big fan of reaching into an oven set to 350 and pulling out melting plastic.
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