started to paint my MLC Boba helmet - working progress


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hi guys

Been away from these boards for bit following my completion of my fett costume.

Early last year i obtained a MLC fett helmet from a fellow UKG member, now ive started to paint it.

Following my first attempt at my DP helmet im thinking of layering the paint to give it a more realistic texture of scraped paint showing metal.

I gave it a base coat of matt black, then silver.

Then i masked off the areas to be left silver with artist masking fluid. Then spray it with undercoat grey.

But before i did any painting i add some small scratches to give a more used look.

Ive started to remove some of the masking to reavel the silver, but im in two minds if i should do a layered paint job? any ideas or sugestions.

anyone know where i can a decent green visor from in the uk or usa for it please

Looking sweet, yeah!

I'm about to start painting my new helmet - apparently it's a Judge Dweddz cast, bought from Prymer on here.

Then, I'll probably end up selling it on - since it's JUST too small to comfortably wear.

But yeah - Yours is looking good so far!
:) great, just a form of a helmet makes it look good i mean... i was so pleased with my own rubies thingy... now all i want is an MLC or MSH... :angry this board is so...annoying sometimes :love

anyways, wonderfull so far! maybe i walk behind but it's a custom weatehring look right?
keep it up! :cheers
hi guys

just got my helmet/welders visour in the post this morning, will be starting phase II of painting my helmet this weekend.

Last night i took off all masking and will be adding some new masking fluid tonight.

The helmet will be hand painted in ROTJ colours using Gamesworkshop paints as my MLC Jet Pack was a great success ill be also do the same paint job on this helmet.

need to sort out the servo and electrics.

more pics coming soon..............
Great job UK ... keep the tips and the pics comin ...... I'm about to repaint my helmet in ROTJ colors so this will be helpful . I am also going to paint the matching fiberglass armor so your tips will be a great help . I haven't tried this before so I'll need to be walked through this . Here is the bucket I might repaint .... or I may get another bucket and start fresh ........... sooooooooo many decisions .


Copy of Fett Helm FRT.jpg

Copy of Fett Helm LF.jpg
Neil, I am gonna try the layered paint route on my bucket. I think It will take longer than doing the details later, but from the various websites I've been to it seems to look more realistic to me(eye of the beholder tho).
hi guys

I painted on the masking fluid over the silver area again the other day and have re-spray the helmet in undercoat grey.

Started to paint the red areas again and has takne serveral layers/coats of Gamesworkshop Red Gore paint, but looks realy good when dry.

Realy smooth finish when dryed as I'm going down the route of hand painting this helmet.
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