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Quick question for thsoe who have ordered from Star Fortress, i was planning on just ordering the coveralls and vest from them.

Do the boot covers and belt pouches come with the coveralls? I notice they come wit hthe complete soft parts set but are not sold individually, so this would lead me to believe they are sold with the coverall set.

If anyone can give me some info it would be cool!
Actually I got a set of these second hand on a really good deal. I have to tell you I have heard so many mixed things about SFP I wouldnt have bought from him. But they are amazing quality. Really very well put together and quite nice overall.
yea, the worst ive heard is the turn around time from when you order until you recieve them. Im not really in a rush to finish the costume as long as its good quality i think i might go with them.
I ordered from him the other day but I have heard nothing back from him. I even emailed him but I have not recieved a response.
"STAR FORTRESS PRODUCTIONS CAUTION" - The only thing I would even consider would be the flight suit, if you want to wait three months to get
it!!! ;( Anyway, I would strongly recommend staying away from Starfortress
Productions. When I began building my Boba Fett costume last year, before
I knew all the reputable resources to go to, I ordered $1,400 dollars of merchandise from them, when I received all the stuff including items that I had not ordered, it was worth Jack Friggin' S@#!!t The Deluxe Jet Pack had an absolutely terrible paint job and was all busted up, The Deluxe knee guards were cracked and another weeeeeeek ass paint job, toe spikes - way too long, Wookie Braids & Ammo Belt - CHEEP CRAP! Girth Belt - Wrong Color, The Vest and Flight Suit - all though nice quality, were way to small and the thing is, I even supplied measurements with some extra cushion! HELLO!!! So Yeah they were nice, but I had too sell them off! Ok, now not to mention he sends me this other customers order mixed in with mine, then calls me a crook when I alert him to the fact that I received extra items that I did not order and would gladly forward them to the rightful customer, but refuses to pay for the additional shipping costs! Finally, they forget to mention up front that they're shipping everything out of the Phillipines! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you have any thoughts on giving business to this these JACK ASSES, please P.M me and I'll shoot my phone number to ya' and tell you in more detail. If I can save anybody the trouble and wasted money I spent in dealing with SFP, then things definitely happen for a reason and it was all worth it!!!
I got my flight suit from skygunbro, and I couldn't be happier. It was cheaper than SFP, it fit perfectly, the color was correct, and I got it SUPER fast. His communication is great, and I HIGHLY recommend his items. Just thought you may want another option to consider. :)
I PM'ed skygunbro about a flightsuit, and also about the vest / boot covers / belt pouches. Im trying to get all of those soft parts done in one order if i possibly can.

thanks for all the info on star, that website is just SOOO tempting though!
emozzi said:
man, that website is just SOOO tempting though!

Gah! Isn't it! They make everyting look so good, that you just want to start ordering from them with wild abandon. Actually, the flight suit is the only thing that I was really thinking about ordering from them (lucky there was this thread. Thanks guys!) especially after their flight suit was highly recommended by TK-409 (for the record, not saying TK-409 is wrong. He just seems to have had better luck than others, as happens someitmes).
Yea, all i was really interested in was their soft parts kit in general. None of their other stuff looks terribly accurate, and besides, i already have many of the other things.

Edit: o well, time to shop elsewheres.
I just happened to get my soft kit in the mail yesterday from StarFortress Productions. I am very happy with the quality and it did take 2 months, but I was not overly concerned with this lead time. I know there must be a large influx of interest with the new movie and all. The flight suit and the vest are really nice. I would recommend them to anyone. The braids, spats, and cape are all very nice as well. Case in point, I gave them the wrong size for the vest and it is a bit tight (especially having to go over my jet pack harness). I shot them an email and Anton got back with me in 18 hours of my request. He immediately gave me a return code with a 'no questions asked' attitude and will exchange the item. Of course I have to pay the return post, but it was my fault. I am very happy with the service I received and I would recommend the flight suit to anyone. The detail is great. Just my opinion.
I bought coveralls for my Jango from them a while back. The overall quality was good, just needing to trim lots of excess cotton ends but it was made quite a bit smaller than the dimensions I gave.

Delivery time was about 2 months but that I was expecting. They seem to be hit & miss but if you get the correct size you should be pretty pleased but to be honest after most of the reviews I have heard since about them you've gone the right route with skygunbro. My new set was done by Bobamaker and his work is top notch too.
Here are some pics of my skygunbro flight suit.
1) Whole suit. Yeah I borrowed the smiley idea. And before you ask, yes it would kill me to do a sit up now and then. I'm allergic.
2) Shin pockets.
3) Leg detail with closure.
4) Short sleeve detail.
5) Cuff detail with closure.





My boba jumpsuit from them is fine. It was a little short but there was enough hem to let out and cover by the spats.

As for the Jango suit I got from them, the quality is nice and the same as the boba but it is way too dark of a blue!! I received this before C3 and was too busy to complain about it so it's probably too late. Any ideas to lighten it up????
I actually have a BobaMaker jumpsuit courtesy of one of TDH's own members...i added about 2-3 inches to it height wise around the chest area, and it fits awesome. Bobamaker's quality is excellent i must say!
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