Star Wars Fan Film Inproduction Looking for Volunteer's


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I'm currently working on a SW Fan Film and I'm looking for Volunteer's who would like to be part of the project. Principle filming is scheduled for September to November of 2007. Fett and Kast will both have a major roles in the film. I'm looking for:

CG artists
Storyboard artists
Pre production artists
Sound editors

If interested or if you would be interested or know anyone who would be interested in being involved in the project please contact me.
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:facepalm Well, I would love to, but, well, the gas would KILL me.

Good luck with the project though.
700 miles from me. that'd be a decent road trip, but i doubt that it'd be done in a weekend. so that means i'd have to find a strip club (or club of any kind) looking for a dj, a place to live, and be able to overall support myself for a few weeks/months.
I'd be all over this project if I could make it.

Would it be possible for an actor to film solo scenes and send teh tape for intergration(sp?) into the film? Basically a mail-in role.
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