Star Wars Celebration 2020


Man! I was shocked to see how fast the tickets sold out today! Chicago had tickets for weeks it felt like, if not longer...

Almost instantly the Jedi Master passes were gone and by like 930 the 4 day passes were gone too. As of a few hours ago, the Saturday passes are sold out too.

My son got a 4 day pass and I got Fri-Sun.

What were you guys able to get? Are you going to be going to Disneyland before or after Celebration? What hotels?




"As expected Jedi Master Badges, the VIP tickets for Celebration, sold out in minutes.

Adult 4-day badges for Star Wars Celebration Chicago sold out in two days and although many felt they would sell out much faster for Anaheim few would have thought it would take only an hour for these badges to be gone.

The day of record-setting sales was not done. Only two hours after sales went live 80% of Adult Saturday tickets were gone and were totally sold out in four hours."

Darth Voorhees

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We got 2 4-day passes for myself and the wife. Yea SWC is getting popular lol. I saw this with SDCC and more recently this doesnt surprise me with how cons have become so popular, and with all the new SW stuff i kind of expected it. I remember buying tix for C5 and they were avaiable even day of...or close to it. So its def grown quite a bit!


Crazy right!? I missed the 4-day pass this time but was lucky enough to grab Daily GA Thursday-Sunday...Sadly I paid for it LMAO!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
I almost snagged the Thursday too, but paying for 4 days for my wife and I each day at $75 per person was too much. We're going to hit Fri-Sun and then DL for a couple days.


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My wife and I were only able to get Thursday & Friday Tickets. If anyone knows of someone who has two Saturday Tickets and wants to sell them, please let me know. Otherwise we'll be at Disney all day.

Man did they sell out quick. We bought tickets to Celebration in 2017 about two months before it started. Getting more and more popular indeed.

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I'll be there Saturday. If Thursday passes are still available then I'll be there Thursday too. I knew they were going to sell out that fast. I wasn't even going to go, but seeing how all the passes sold out made me impulse buy for Saturday.

See you all there!


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There's at least one FB group where people sell/exchange passes. Don't know if anyone will be selling their passes this early, but I know people who got their passes within two weeks of Chicago in April.
Mind sharing the FB group? I was not fortunate enough to get tickets and am looking for some!