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I would like to announce the filming of "Fanboys," a large budget fan film here in Albuquerque. We filmed the scenes last night (as it began to snow) of waiting in line for the midnight premiere of "Phantom Menace" as well as scenes inside the theater as the "movie" started. My 7-year-old daughter, Téa was dressed in her "Mini Fett" costume and sitting on the end of the row in front of the main actors. She may or may not be seen in those shots.

My ROTJ Fett costume was actually being worn by a minor actor in a specific scene in the line outside the theater. I would like to thank the following people for helping my Fett come together and let you know to watch for your "Part(s)" in this upcoming movie:

Sorry I can't remember the guy's name from e-bay who made my visor and custom-made my daughter's visor.
Bountys Hunted: FG helmet and jet pack
Ruffkintoy: ammo belt and gaunt kit
Batninja: pattern for my and my daughter's ammo vests
T-bone: Kid helmet and idea for my RF stalk
AFettFullofDollars: Trash can armor for my daughter
Darth Flan: Shin tools
VashDStampede: Armor decals from which I hand-painted my designs
TK409 and the family: LED and cape

I would like to thank Ultimate Boba Fett, TK409, Rogue Studios, and the folks on The Dented Helmet for all the ideas to help me make my costume.

And I would especially like to thank my friends Jess, Greg, Joseph, and Scott of the NM 501st Dewback Ridge Squad for their help and inspiration in getting my costume ready in time for Episode III's movie premier last May and to where my costume is today (in a movie!) Scott's costume will also be seen in this scene.

Thank you all,
Colleen BH-6767
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