Special Altmann's Helmet?????

boba matt

New Hunter
hey everyone,
i just obtained an altmann's helmet, and when i looked in the inside of it, it had a "limited edition" badge on it, with the number 369 on it. It has quite alot of weight behind it, much more than other fett buckets ive dealt with. Could someone please disclose some details of this for me plase, backstory, how much its worth, etc.
any help would be great, thanks.
Hmmm well, I have seen and held an Altmann's and I am not aware of any design changes from Altmann himself. Its made the way it is on purpose and although many people find it misshapin I like it. There is probubly different runs and so forth and you have a number in a certain series of helmets.
Forgot to add that Steve Altmann (at least as far as we know, being under his freinds log in name) turned up to chat about its origins...
Might be of some interest.

geez, that link you sent me was a beehive and a half.

Anyway's didnt ever mean to stir that up again, i was just curious to what the resale of my bucket would be, because i dont actually need it, if anyone is interested in buying it, pm me or something.
Cheers to all of you for your help
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