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I wanted to add to my outfit. I researched "the jet pack" and the cost was a little out of my range, plus I wanted something different. I looked around and some custom Mandos have some ideas about a comlink pack or med-pack etc...

I decided to do a missle pack. It works with my Mandalorian Enforcer look. It was very cheap to produce. I used tupperware and some interesting odd ends and pvc objects. (I was inspired by TK409's trooper backpack.) The misssles are cheap model rockets from a hobby store (19.5 in. long) and the rest is made up with a tupperware drawer organizer, some dollar store calculators and levels, pvc fittings that just looked interesting and a school bag's straps.

I will post production pics soon.
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Thats neat. I like the greeblies you have used and the weathering is good as well.

Can you sit it any higher on your back?
I like it, my only question is how are you going to mount it on your backplate without the straps showing? You need to make a system similar to those of us that have jet packs wear.
I could wear it higher (adjusting the straps), I do not have a backplate though. While wearing the armor and cape the straps are hidden pretty good (since my whole outfit is black and weathered like the missle pack). Plus, (no offense) it's my own charater why would I want to be like everyone else. LOL!
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