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Greetings all.
I'm not certain this is the correct sub-forum for this. If it isn't, please relocate it to the proper place. Thanks much.

That being said, I wanted to provide some very brief reviews for some of the fine folks I have had the opportunity to deal with since finding this gem in the rough of a web site.

I received my Wookie scalps today from Woodman. Wow! Just wow! They are beautiful. I know how to make a braid and have done so with leatherwork projects but I'm really, really glad I did not try to make my own scalps. These are just amazing! Great communication and service as well! 5/5!
I also received my RotJ helmet and armor decals from DeLucksDesigns - Custom vinyl decals - These are really very nice looking and seem very durable. 5/5
I have also received my RF light kit from Jc27. It came very carefully and nicely packaged. In addition his patience while I figured out just what I needed and wanted was remarkable. I plan on picking up a servo kit this Friday. Definitely 5/5!!


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Thanks for the great review. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.