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I could use some help in clarifying some 501st costume requirements for approval. I have my full commission ROTJ Boba Fett from Bobamaker. This is newly done for me earlier this year. First, I just want to make sure that the standards for this for the 501st is for their ROTJ Hero version? Costuming:BH Boba Fett-RotJ - Databank

Also (think this is a definite upgrade I need), I have the base model, budget harness that came with the build. It has the budget plastic black locking clips. Looks like I need the full scuba based harness with the metal rings and therefore need to attach the hooks onto the jetpack as well. Can people please confirm? I've also been told this is a must anyway for trooping.

Another minor thing is the Boba thong. I've seen another thread about this. Bobamaker is not including this elastic strap. I'm sure I have enough skill to add this, but just want to confirm with other here that are registered, that this is required.

my boots are actually from RSPropmasters

I just put it all together on my mannequin, so I've included a couple of pics here.
Thanks everyone!


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So, for basic approval, all you need is:
  • Jet pack sits snugly against the back armor hanging from two rectangular rings attached to weathered, white nylon/canvas shoulder straps that exit the back armor through the two slots in the back plate located near the shoulder blades.
The requirements of :
  • Jet pack is supported via accurate metal hooks that exit the rear of the upper and lower jet pack sections.
  • Jet pack is secured via an accurate scuba tank frame/harness (or replica). The jet pack attaches to the harness via a lower horizontal bar that the lower hooks on the jet pack rest on. Attached to the harness’s shoulder strapping should be weathered 1.5” white nylon/canvas straps with rectangular rings that attach to the upper hooks of the jet pack, keeping the pack in place.
  • The harness’ shoulder and waist straps are made of accurate black seat belt style webbing and is secured in the front by an accurate US Divers buckle (or direct metal replica).
Are for the optional Level 2/"Infamous" Program in the 501st Bounty Hunter's Guild Detachment, an optional program to recognize and award those that go the extra mile, but are not needed for basic approval and membership in the 501st.

Looks like form your introduction post you're from California? Your best bet will be to figure out which of the 4 California Garrisons you will be a member of, Central, Golden Gate, Imperial Sands (San Diego), or Southern California Garrison, and reach out to the local Garrison Membership Liaison and ask them what they want or need to see for the Jet Pac attachment.

The "Boba Thong" will be required, but it is a very easy piece to install. You just need a ¾ - 1” weathered white nylon, elastic or canvas strap that you glue to the Cod piece and then put Velcro or a snap on the other end of, that then attached to the Kidney Plate.


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I'm a 501st approved ROTJ Boba. I agree with everything said above.
Good luck. Once you're in you will love it. It's worth every bit of work you put into your build.