For Sale **SOLD** ROTJ Gauntlets and pouches for sale

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New Hunter
I have a set of ROTJ gauntlets and a set of ROTJ pouches for sale.
The gauntlets are from The Workshop. They are good quality, maybe fiberglass. I purchased these and they have been just sitting. Never trooped in or even displayed. They have no damage to them. They have strong magnets to close them. I have piano hinges for them also.
The pouches are from Bobamaker. Just an extra set that I don’t need.
$200 for it all.
$175 for gauntlets
$30 for pouches
US shipping only.
shipping not included in price.
Thank you for looking! 5B944B4F-184A-49A7-9786-4E7D93A17F2A.jpeg 03F6E781-4F6F-41E4-BCD2-32B8AF72F752.jpeg B9C0D615-BF45-49B6-A9E3-F2170D0FDA9A.jpeg BB0EF045-9F7C-4D72-BC9E-771F69D4F902.jpeg ABA9959B-1216-473C-9E3D-2C511C7F6BDB.jpeg 05CC97CB-CEC0-45D0-80B1-032C5FB30B61.jpeg
Lucksy31 - ESB Helmet Decals