For Sale SOLD DVH/7CS B grade jetpack kit $225 plus shipping

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This one will need a bit more work than my usual kits. There are some spots along the edges of the fuel tanks that the glass wasn’t layer properly so there are air pockets between the gel coat and the fiberglass. Its kinda hard to see in the pics. This can be fixed by chipping away the gelcoat and filling the spots with a body filler like bondo and/or autobody icing. It also has some imperfections in various places. Also, where the back was attached, the seams need to be filled ( I usually do this on my regular kits). It will come with ALL parts to make a complete jetpack. Some of the resin parts may have minor imperfections, others will be regular A-grade parts

$225 plus shipping Message me for shipping quote and paypal info!



This photo is of an A-grade kit, just to show you what parts you will receive, as you will get everything to make a complete pack.
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