For Sale *SOLD* Complete Jango Fett

Selling this well-made Jango that was purchased from Jango Wes back in 2010. My asking price is $2500. Shipping will be at buyer's expense and they can choose if they want the display mannequin included. I am located in Central Illinois and willing to drive to Chicago/Indianapolis/St. Louis to deliver.

Photos: Jango Fett

Here's what's included:
Bobamaker Cold Cast Helmet (also painted & weathered by him)
Bed Stu Boots
Dickies jumpsuit dyed
Richies Armor Shin/Knee/Backplate
Bigkidbiggertoys Thigh & Cod armor
Seeker Chest Armor & Ammo Belt
Cruzer Gauntlets, holster, & Girth Belt
MLC Jetpack
Master Replicas Blasters (w/Box & Case)
Not certain who made the leather vest

If you have any further questions or detailed photo requests, please do not hesitate to ask.


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Being 6ft and 220lbs do you think this would fit me?
As much as I want to say yes so you'll buy it, probably not. How much do you like bread and/or desserts? I like both a lot so it doesn't fit me but if you can give it up, you'll be fine height-wise in a short time.