For Sale SOLD - Bobamaker V3 ROTJ SE Helmet - SOLD

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Jr Hunter
Selling my Bobamaker V3 shipped, insured and including PayPal fees for $850. If you need any more photos let me know.

Rangefinder was repainted by me. The base color is Polly Scale Earth (since I asked what superjedi used at the time). I was approved in my costume about a month and a half ago with this helmet so it should be 501st approvable, but cannot be guaranteed. 501st approval is different for every individual since it depends on your GML and/or THEBHG staff. You can look at my pre-approval thread though if you want and can see this helmet in the photos though.

I've worn it a few times when I've suited up for approval photos and I did one outdoor 1 hour photoshoot in it with the 501st.


front left.jpg


back left.jpg


back right.jpg


front right.jpg

rangefinder detail.jpg


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Jr Hunter
Price drop bump to $850. After doing some research I think this is a more fair price if someone is looking for a 501st approvable SE and doesn't want to wait for it.
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