For Sale SOLD 1915 Webley No1 Mark 1 for EE3

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This beautiful piece has found a great home with the geniuses at War Machine Inc. where they will make copies of this flare gun for affordable mass produced full metal EE3's with wood stock -- no lists to sign up for, no waiting a year to hear from a vendor who disappeared with your deposit, etc. Check out the E11 they produced: E11 BLASTER KIT , M38 REPLICA, RAIL ,TTRACK, Hengstler Replica , Painted.... - War Machine Paintball

Keep a lookout here and the RPF for a build thread soon.

They already have a build blog on their site for their EE3 project:
They started with another webley which apparently got stolen. This one will be replacing it.




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The MPP is a replica, correct?

Are the molex connectors painted or are they molded black plastic?


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Is $4200 a reasonable price for one of these? I have one (unsigned) and that's a tempting price. I guess I'll see if yours sells or not.
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