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Well I went thrifting yesterday, and I found a jumpsuit that fit me for $4. The only problem is that the color is not quite right for a ROTJ Fett. I have come to TDH for help. Obviously it will need some major structural modifications, but I'd like to know if I can change the color first. The first two images show the suit, with and without flash. It even has big pockets on the front of the leg! Pretty lucky. How would you describe the color of the ROTJ suit? I've been looking at reference images and it's pretty nondescript. I think I'm kind of close, just needs a little bleach and a little gray dye and weathering.
A few months ago I found these (third picture)leather boots at a Bass outlet store for about $30. Do you think TK409's latex paint method would work on these? They're great boots, but I don't think Bass makes them anymore.
And of course, I found an Army half-shelter at a surplus store (incorrect stitching, hey it was $15) and turned it into a cape(last pic).
I still have enough material for another cape, so if anyone wants the remains I'll part with it for a reasonable price.
Just remember you don't have to pay top dollar for every piece to make a decent Fett costume. I have a SgtFang helmet on the way, so it looks like my costume is finally taking shape! Woo!





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If your gonna try to remove color, try Rit color remover on your jumpsuit first. Maybe 2 packs. Bleach is so dang hard on fabrics. If the Rit doesn't do it, then you might have to resort to bleach. yeah, I think you're gonna wanna add some grey to it for shure. Your results will greatly depend on what kind of fabric the coverall is made of. If its cotton, you'll have no problem, if its polyester or some mix of sythetics, you might have a heck of a time doing anything with it. Good luck;)


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On Wednesday I received the 34" girth belt I ordered from Complete Equestrian. I'll be buying some brown vinyl for the ammo belt; will that work for the girth straps as well?