Soft part darth vader albino version

Darth Marco

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I'm building and/or buying parts to make a darth vader albino version. But I haven't found somebody who can make the jumpsuit or jacket & pants in white leather. The same with the cape, gloves and sofort.:confused
So do you know a fan or tailor who can make it for a proper price? Thanks! Would be great:cheers

Darth Marco

New Hunter
Yes, I knew that I would find a tailor!(y) (y) So there won't be a problem with the 2 piece suit, the cape and the undersuit! Only the cod piece is the last part.:lol: But that wouldn't be a huge problem. Boots and gloves are OK
Now it's time for a :cheers ! It 108 degrees!8)
Chill out!!!


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Check in the RPF as batninja told you... and search for a member called TMP. He makes the best Vader leather suits out there... also the best cod pieces... (also makes capes and so forth).

Try him to see if he can make it in white ;)

Darth Marco

New Hunter
The version which I'm building or buying will be a bit different.
I'm much taller than the other dude!8)
And the colour of the lenses I place will be different. Maybe I'll use 2 LED's to brigthen it. I want to have a real albino effect!:angry
I also planning to make a totally different ligthsabre, and maybe some other freaky gadgets.
See ya :cheers
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