So I'm at Disneyland... (Retail Boba Helmet)


So I'm at Disneyland this weekend and I hit the store at the end of "Star Tours." They kinda had what I was looking for (a Boba Helmet).

My wife was little nervous that I was going to want to drop the $85 they wanted for it. But there was no danger of that. What a piece of crap!

It doesn't even have a full visor. They used paint for half of it. And as for the paint job... I wouldn't expect it to be accurate by a long shot, but I couldn't believe how bad it was. The "scratches" were just dry brushed on and on the cheek there was actually an "X" painted on it.

They did have a Darth Vader Delux "made from the original movie mold" (according to the package) helmet behind glass,but I didn't feel like waiting in line at the counter to ask how much it was.
Yeah, it's by Rubies. Remember, if it's a costume that comes out of a store, it's 99.999999999999% crap.

And "by the movie moulds." That's complete blasphemy.
That's the one I bought. Got 2 for $15. They're not bad if you want a cheap one for a custom, but they stink if you're going for accurate.
heres my rubies boba after much work and patience.

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