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On Ebay. DP 96. Lady I bought it from said there was a small crack in it that had be fixed. I get it here and the crack is 11 inches long. So, here are some before pics and some after pics. I KNOW it's not "movie" accurate, but at least it's not DP 96 accurate.

Of course, the visor needs to be replaced (i just high glossed the DP visor. I am leary about doing this part. This helmet, for being a DP, is quite possibly the best one I have ever seen. Aside from the crack, there is NO warping and it looks SO NICE. But if I cut out the visor area, wont that weaken the shape? Any help on doing the visor, correctly, would be appreciated. I want a full face visor, not a half.

Anyway, on to the pic. I am forced to use spray paint as I do not have access to an airbrush machine. I apologize for the quality of the pics, but my digital is tempermental...













I couldn't take a decent enough photo of the "small" crack, so I photoshopped it:
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My first helmet was a DP '95, and it dropped while I was painting it, putting a sizeable crack in it as well. I used JB Weld to doctor it up.

Good-lookin' color scheme on your helmet. You might want to cut out and replace the visor with tinted plastic (not sure if you were planning to do that or not). Let us know if we can help in any way!
Yeah, I am worried that if I cut out the visor to install a new one, it will effect the overall helmet shape, which is just about perfect for a DP. Any suggestions?
Carefully cut the entire visor area out with a Dremel and rotary blade. Use a hobby knife and sandpaper to make it pretty. Take a small piece of plastic, roughly 1" x 2.5" and glue it (I recommend JB Weld again, you'd think I have stock in the company or something) about an inch up from the bottom of the opening. Install this piece from the inside!

Let that set a couple days. Cut your tinted plastic (use a dark green visor's plastic faceshield) about a half inch to an inch bigger than the entire opening area, and glue it from the inside as well. I recommend hot glue, epoxy, or Silicone for this, as JB Weld is messy on big projects, and takes too long to dry.

NOTE: Do NOT use Super Glue on the visor, as SG tends to leave a cloudy film.

There are several thread on installing visors. You can also use the search feature for other methods.
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