So excited!


My rofkintoy gauntlets are on the way and my orders are going threw to BM and I am just so excited!:D I already have a stormtrooper armor set but it was put together when I got it so I want to start with just the basic armor and do all the putting together and painting on my own ( allot more fun ) Chris (TK409) is in my carolina 501st and he did such a great job on his I have wanted to do one for myself ever since I saw him at my first event. Well I am new here so hello everyone! I cant wait to join the ranks as a Bounty Hunter! (y)
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yeah, boba stole my soul, wallet and time for the better part of a year. and by the better part i pretty much mean when i was awake and not at work!

but it's all worth it :)


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Welcome aboard! You are in good company here. Good luck on your quest for Fett, it can sometimes feel like a neverending process. Post pics of your stormie in the meantime. That is what I am working on next.
Welcome! These are a great bunch of guys and gals here! If you need any help you will find it here, that is for sure! I agree with everyone else! This is a great project and I look forward to seeing your progress pics!