Sixxgunn13's Ruffkin re-build


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Well, since SS makes it look so easy;) thanks Chris for the help!

I thought I'd do it as well, since it won't be ready for Halloween..and I will be going to Europe, for my honeymoon in Oct. So that is time i will lose in the build.

I just bought this a few weeks ago off a member, I thought wow paint and boom I have a Rocketpack!

Nope.. it has a few things needed to be done to it before I paint/wear it... its all good though, i like a chalange.

This is for my ESB version so if anyone know of any difference betwenn ESB/ROTJ let me know... eg; the bottom vent direction.

Here is the pack as i got it with some of the issues that i need to fix.

Medicine cap I will use for the rocket section re-build.

So is the direction of the vents right for ESB, LMK.

A lot of work for the section near the thrusters...Grrrr and this won't be seen ever...sigh.
I'll also have to get this crown part cleaned up, all but one is free of extra resin. ugh!

Well thats it for now, i'm too lazy to post, i just woke up.
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Okay here is what i've done so far...

Filled the seams, pin holes w/putty sanded thrusters & end caps

Cleaned out crown.

Now on to the good stuff.



Let me know what you guys think... if i'm missing something or if you want to see any other area lmk.

I was wondering as well if anyone has re-done the back side of the rocket pack? I plan to re-do this as well.
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Not really...just doing a bit more homework and filling/sanding.

I will post as soon as I have more substantial work done.

I had to make a new right ear cap for my helmet...the resin Sgt Fang one is incorrect. (i'll post pics of that tomorrow)

plus, I have my honeymoon next month and its priority...:facepalm
thx for looking though.


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Well, I did some MAJOR cutting!!

Decided to GO FOR IT!!
In the first pic you can see marker lines, i was just gonna use it as is, and maybe make a better back opening...but like most of us fett heads, we want a more accurate look.

what have i gotten myself into.. :)

I want to try to to base it on Daz's pack and other Rocket Pack pics I have.

If you have any experience in doing this PLEASE feel free to lend a hand!(y)

I just epoxied sintra for the piano key area,
will post more later this weekend.
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Well here are the pics of the work i've done on the piano key area, I shot some primer on it to see what needs more sanding..whew i'm tired.
still a long way to go.

I also filled the area between the main cylinder & back (not pictured) for a smoother transition.

Still a few rough areas...but i'm getting there!(y)
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Oh I know! I just wanted to really get to the area I cut out...i was afraid i wouldn't get it done right!


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Well, its been a while since I've actually worked on this Rocket-pack.

And now that 99centTaco is sending his "Experimental JP Harness"

I needed to get this done ASAP, so i can do a review on the harness...(y),It looks rough, all it needs is a bit of filler/bondo in a few areas and a shot of primer.

I'm going to have a guy turn me a new rocket, the one on the kit is too wonkey for my taste.

Well on to the pics!

I was planing to do a bit more detail to make it movie accurate, but due to time and "real" life. i decided to just close her up and put an opening... i do plan to make her a "smoking" rocket-pack. and found a place that has great prices on parts!

I may make up "smoking kits" to sell if mine works out!! and these won't break your wallet.

I still can't decide on which method i want to attach it to the harness... movie accurate or the standard trooping black clips.

thx for looking.
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Well here are some up to date pics,
All primed up ready to paint, i had to bondo a small indent in the you can see.
I also cut out an opening and added points the cover can rest on.
lmk what you think....

Don't mind the diff colored and the rocket is going to be replaced as well.
oh and i need to add the piano keys too...doh!
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Well, I finally finished my th main body of my rocket pack…. Whoo hoo!!

I had to cut a strip of sintra and then cut all the small keys to sz, then sand by hand the angles on all the keys individually… whew.

I also laid down a strip of plastic for the keys to rest on, I glued and filled the gaps and as per advise from SS..thx dude, then I just glued the keys on.

All I need to do is get the rocket re doneand it will be finished!(y)

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