Sith Stalker WIP

Darth Serberus

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Actually fellas, I just got to sneak in a quick half hour between being Vader at a recent Invasion Cork troop.
Was a bit of a struggle getting it on but got there in the end with a little help! lol

It went down great with the crowds, got called General Greivous a few times and some guy kept on pestering me to get his picture taken with me???!! Don't know who he was?

Anyway I didn't have an airbrush with me to do the make-up properly so I had to improvise with a sponge and stipple it on.
I plan to do a proper few hours in it at Invasion Belfast 3 in October, so wish me luck chaps!


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Your work speaks for itself. Any Star Wars fan would give an arm and a leg to not only have your build but your talent. Any advice for a new member on the locating the Sith Stalker helmet? Thanks and congrats!


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I received the soft(ish) parts of my costume last week. It fits like a glove, incredible when you think all this leather was patterned and stitched by correspondence. So in the last few days I've started bolting on all the armour.
Seems such a shame to drill holes through such lovely well crafted leather. Sorry Clothears!
To make it worse I started adding the paint splatters too!
It's really starting to come together now. I had a semi-try on and it looks awesome, I even hung a few sabers off the belts.
This is one complicated costume to put on, there's armour, body paint, prosthetics, soft parts, hair, electronics and tons of sabers. And I thought Vader was bad!!!
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There's still lots to do. I have all the parts now I just have to make everything work together.
From where do you have the leather work?


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Can anyone help me? I want to do the chest lether armor and i need a picture from it without the rib armor. Can't find one and Darth Serberus don't write back.