Show Off: Machined Zam Wessal KYD-21 Blaster barrel.


I just finished this for a local guy.

It is not 100% accurate, but it gets the idea accross. I owe Chris a lot for his detailed reference on this, thanks Chris! The guy I made it for is going to finish the handle part on his own. This is my most complex project to date, and it took a long time. I think there are some parts I could have done better, namely the grooves on the inside of the barrel, but the milling machine was acting up at the time, and that was the best I could get. But since you only see a small portion of it, the mistakes aren't visible. (that was part of my plan, and why I did it all the way round since it my first time milling anything of import.)






So, what do you think?


Thanks guys. I thought it turned out pretty well.

I also took detailed photos and made detailed sketches so I could make it again if I wanted. I have some of the metal stock still..



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You did a great job on it! :)
If you could adjust your milling machine to do the shorter slots in the chamber and use some fine sandpaper while turning to polish, that'd make it near perfect.

If you were willing to make more, I might be interested. I was planning to machine my own but I just don't have the time. I would be satisfied with a good resin casting too.