Other Bounty Hunter Show-Off: Custom Full-Metal Pre Vizsla-Style Helmet

Just a little Show-off

So my Girlfriend wanted a Pre Vizsla Style helmet for her Armor - But all avaiable to buy would be too big and we dont wanted to make her a Wooble-head.
Then i thougt. The Armor is already Metal, so why not the Helmet too?

Thanks to the Pepakurafiles of HD1138 i was able to convert the 3D modell into CAD files for the Lasermachine from my Buddy


starting with a smaller paper prototype to test the templates


Then i jumped a few steps and already assambled the Parts. For the Dome i used an old Motorcycle Helmet that was supposed for my Jaster Mereel Helmet. But it was too small for my head so i used it here.


To hide some scaling errors of the prototype and some of the spaces between the layers i had to put some metal-putty into it.


The Earcaps are made out of 4 parts. Base with nut, a dished out topdome, and two antenna-sockets.
The Antennas i will make later until i find the old C-Net Mobile-phones in my Basement ^^


She wanted of course a custom Paintjob - We've figured out that the white earcaps looked better in the concept sketch than in real.


So i've made it gold later.

Ok i helped her a bit with her armor too but not tooo much.
only the Gaunts


And Backplate

The rest of the plates were bended and dished by herself. :D
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New Hunter
Hey my love! :*

There are my armor parts!! xD
Thanks again for the great work on my helmet. :)

I'm really proud to have the first metal and female sized Pre Vizsla helmet!! :D