shoulder block ref pic?



mmm anyone got a picture of a rotj shoulder/neck plate so i can use for reference. i need to attatch my blocks and properly.....also were the cod blocks only on the esb version? also what the best way o attatch the hoses to the gauntlets, they dont seem to stay in place but i dont want to super glue them, just want them to be secure. how do people do theirs. last but not least i must have an odd shaped head as my bucket always catches on the flak neck seal when i turn my head. the circuit board has already come off only to be glued back on with padding to ease the discomfort on the back of my head. the lid is a tight fit, not too tight but just fits snugly, any suggestions on how to stop the circuit board catching the neckseal?
ps its a BM lid and the sweetest looking thing i ever did see......
cheers guys, justin