Should I be afraid or happy??


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After my wifes C4 adventure she has decided to get into the costume craze! and is dead set on being a bad ars bounty hunter.

I have not fully decided if this is a blessing or a curse? She has decided on doing a Zam but she wants to start with something a little less intense for her first costume. So I have convinced her to do a female mando. She agreed very easily! That shocked me. So that being said and wondering what is going on in that head of hers...

Can some one shoot me a PM on who I can contact for for smaller guantlets and female chest armor?

Thanks guys, I will definatly keep you abreast of the situation. **no pun intended** :lol:


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I would think that Zam would be less intense than a mando, less armor. But I really can't speak for any zammers.


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from what im seeing in the zam looks a lot more tough than mando armor...just the intricate level of detail and screen accuracy...may not be as tough as the fetts, but it seems harder than custom mando..imho