Sheet Metal Armor prices?

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If someone produced decent quality sheet metal armor (very basic set - chest plates, shoulder plates and belly plate)what would you expect to pay for something like that?

The reason I ask is that you often see pretty basic Sintra sets for $50-$100 USD and I wonder if sheet metal would be more expensive or pretty comparable.

Thanks in advance.
Good question, I made my armor entirely of sheet metal and a few board members asked me what would be my price. Thruthfully I didn't know what to say. Sheet metal is a little more pricey cause metal is not cheap.It also depends how thick you might want it.
Full set for under $100.00
Your nuts!?! If you only want $100.00 I'll take it off your hands right now!If I was you Start bidding at $250.00 no reserve! This should get everyones attention! If it does not sell in A week,Drop the starting price to $200.00 add buy it now for $250. You will get some hits.Although metal armor is not rare on TDH by any means.It should land you some pretty good cash off ebay.Good Luck!!!!!!
i made my armor with a sheet metal
its an alloy of alum and zinc
the sheet cost $10 or $15 in hilean pesos are some like $7000 pesos :D very cheap, and easy to work, i recomend that search on your local hardware store and ask for that metal sheets :)

ok i found a pic
<img src=>
this is the kind of sheet but you need the flat one :D
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