Shawnpayne\'s armor *** Painted pics up 11/13/03

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Shawnpayne's armor *** Painted pics up 11/13/03

New pics of the painted armor:



Howdy ya'll
This is my metal armor in raw form.The guy that made mine is fantastic.The detail is incredible.Hands down the best metal armor I have ever seen.Believe me that's saying alot.
I will have the painted armor pics up in A few days.Thank you mirax,for the helping hand.You can P.M. me for details.
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Very nice indeed! Almost thought it was a Jango.:D
What is the item in the first pic....way up top above the cod piece? Also, on the second that the backplate and front collar armor connected together? Again, nice armor!
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Very nice set of armor, I have a set of aluminum chest armor and been looking like crazy for the collar and shoulders. Do you think your friend can help me??

PM sent.
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BoJangleFett wrote:

What is the item in the first pic....way up top above the cod piece?

It is the rear cod-piece. It seems to be a rarity among armor sets. I've been trying to get one of those for my suit.

At least thats what it appears to be, its not my armor so I don't want to give a definitive answer for SP.

And that is a REALLY awesome looking suit... Almost a shame to paint it.
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Cod piece,and but plate in the second photo.Also the collar
plate butts up against the back plate.There is A leather strap with screws glued in.Set the collar on the leather straps.adjust the screws so there lined up.Screw on the metal
cubes.Bamn!!! Your groovy.Just like the magic of myth.Yes! I am very excited!I should have pics of the painted armor up by the end of the weekend.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I received the rest of my aluminum armor today. I finally have the complete set after months of patiance searching for the maker. Thanks to Shawnpayne for the contact. :)

I have to say that the Cod and Butt pieces are amazing as the rest of the armor. I think without a doubt that this is the most accurate aluminum armor out there. I will be posting pictures of my armor soon. :)
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I have this same armor, minus the backplate. If anyone would like to take mine off my hands, PM me. I got tied up in another project and have to part with my aluminum armor. For pics, PM me or email me at I agree that this stuff is AMAZING! I love mine, I just have to catch up on another project before embarking on my Fett.

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Hey Shawn, the armor looks great. Did you preped the armor prior painting in any way?? I had too clean the edges of mine because they where a bit rough and sanded the aluminum surface to make it smooth. I am thinking on sanding the surface further to a shine to take away the scratches, should I do this or leave it the way it is??

P.S. I would weather it a bit more with a mist of black and grey. (y)
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I used A metal file to smooth the edges.I would leave the scratches once it is weathered it looks pretty cool.I really don't want to weather mine any further.In differant lite you can rerally see the differant greens.It is A little hard to tell from the pics but black weathering actually runs into the yellow primer spots.I painted the armor minus the shoulder bells,Yellow first.Then the green,then the weathering.This way as the metal gets scratched down the road.It woill look like it belongs there.
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