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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by facechubb, May 14, 2018.

  1. facechubb

    facechubb New Member

    Hi everyone! Been a member on this site for probably 10 years, but the time has finally come to start putting together my Fett. Fett has always been the dream costume so I want to do this thing right. I don't intend to do anything new here with my fact, I'm not even planning on painting anything myself. I know that I could, but that's not what this build is about for me. There are so many people who know so much more about this costume than I ever will, and I can't wait to have their art on this costume.
    I'll need all the help I can get on putting this beast together, but I can't wait!

    I started with securing the soft parts and metal parts. I likely won't have much of that in hand for the next few months, but I do have several little things in hand.
    I'm going to continually update my parts list on this first post...


    Helmet -
    Helmet Paint -
    Helmet Electronics -
    Helmet electronics install -
    Helmet fans -
    RF topper -

    Armor -
    Armor Painting -
    Chest Electronics -
    Knee Darts - MachineCraft
    Collar / Cod studs - MachineCraft

    Gauntlet Painting -
    Gauntlets –
    Gauntlet Hose -
    Gauntlet darts - ConvergenceProps
    Gauntlet rocket - MachineCraft

    Jetpack – ANOVOS (Pre-order)
    Jetpack hardware - ANOVOS (if it's any good)
    Painting -
    Metal Jetpack Greeblies – Beacon - MachineCraft
    Stabilizer - MachineCraft
    Thruster side greeblies - MachineCraft
    Thruster front greeblie - MachineCraft
    Thruster discs - MachineCraft
    Dental Files -
    Jeptpack buckle - Vintage US Divers
    Jetpack Harness -

    Flightsuit, vest, neckseal, pouches - Clothears
    Flightsuit Weathering - Clothears
    Gloves - Clothears
    Girth belt - Woodman
    Ammo Belt (vintage vinyl) - Woodman
    Wookie Braids - Woodman
    Wool Cape - Woodman
    Boots – ImperialBoots
    Boot Weathering -
    Boot Spikes - ImperialBoots (came with boots)

    Vintage MQ-1 Calculator - Acquired
    Shin tools - Paterson Squeegee & Chemical Stirrer, Michell Stylus Replicas - MachineCraft
    Sidearm -
    Sidearm holster -
    EE-3 -
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    intwenothor Active Member

    10 years but still classed as a 'new member'! Rules is rules I suppose but that tickled me. Good luck with your build dude.
  3. facechubb

    facechubb New Member

    Haha. I haven't posted much...lets put it that way.
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  4. facechubb

    facechubb New Member's my starting point!
    Anyone know exactly how to disassemble the MQ-1 to be used properly on the costume?
    I considered weathering the boots now but figured I may as well wait for the Clothears stuff to come in so I can match the weathering.

  5. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    You'll have to pry it open using a flathead or something similar. It's a little frightening but it should be fine as long as you don't use excessive force. The keypad will have to be cut from the rest of the front for use on the gauntlets--be careful of all the individual keys if you separate it from the underlying bottom portion of the circuit board (which I believe was not visibly used) --but keep the upper half for use in the back of the helmet. The battery cover was used in the original mold for the gauntlets but isn't detailed enough on the costume to ever justify using the actual piece. I don't think I'm missing anything else it was used for.
  6. facechubb

    facechubb New Member

    Thanks man! I managed to get the two halves apart. Where exactly do I need to cut the keypad and what would be recommended for such a thin cut?
    I plan on getting Wasted Fett's gauntlets if that makes a difference.
  7. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    The circuit IS used in the gauntlet actually its what holds all the keys in the keypad.... you can see it in the ROTJ gaunts even if you look in the gallery hard enough.

    The half that is used in the gaunt is the half that's not in the helmet and vice versa.

    When I cut the MQ1's for people gaunts I just dremel and then sand the sides to get them to fit into the gaunt. Id hold off for the fitting till you have the shells in hand from WF.
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  8. facechubb

    facechubb New Member

    I figured that would be best!

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