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I'm new, but have been reading enough to hear about Star Fortress. Has anyone bought the gunbelt, ammo utility belt from them, if so, how does it look? $135 sounds good, but I'm not sure it's worth a headache. I've seen some around here selling for just under $200. I don't care to make them. Anyone?
From what I know, never order from Star Fortress Productions, it just sounds like they run a bad business.

Talk to Fett_in_Exile, he was going to do a run a while back.

From what I've heard, it's best to avoid Star Fortress. I know better than to have
any firsthand experience with them, but just ask anyone here who's dealt with them.

Joren Fett
If you buy from Starfartress, don't come crying to us about it. :cry You can buy everything you need from this board. You just need to ask around. ;)
Some times it takes a little while to get everthing you need but hang in there and you will get what your looking for. Like Xantok said check cargo hold or post a WTB. Never buy from Starfartress they suck big time!
If you buy from SFP ill fly to your house and smack you.;)

Hey bro, since you just PMd me telling me we live in the same area, I'll drive to your house to watch shortimer smack you for ordering from SFP :lol: . I'd trust their words of wisdom concerning SFP. And Pennywise is right...you gotta be willing to be a little patient for the quality stuff to come around or to get to know who can provide you with the quality stuff. Plus, you gotta decide what level of accuracy you're shooting for cuz that'll effect the $$$ you shell out and the time it's going to take to put together a complete suit.(y)

Welcome to the boards and get ready to meet a lot of helpful and great people!
Thanks Pennywise...already shot him a few suggestions via PM. And by the way I was following your helmet on ebay. Choice helmet and paint!! Wish I'd had some extra $$ at the time cuz it looked great and would have been perfect for my son in about 2-3 years. Hope it found a good home and you got what you wanted for it.(y)

Cruzer is a great guy and his advice is invaluable. He’s got a fabulous Jango, and if that weren't enough just wait a few weeks from now when he unleashes his upgraded Jango gear. :eek: :love (y)

Good luck on the boards bro it’s a variable treasure-trove of great resources and information at your disposal for your Fett. :)
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Yeah it got a good home. I was happy with it until I saw Spideyfett and Marrow Sun's work :love , then I realized I had to try another, so I bought one from MS.
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