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Hey guys,

Here are some photos of the new Series II rubber knee armor. Included is the matching rubber cod done in yellow dyed rubber to match Boba's primer yellow. PM for details.

:eek: :eek: "King of rubber" :cheers When are you going to make some rubber Jango knees? I think I need a pair of those, but we'll need to hide the rear strap.
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I think I'll make some Jango versions once I've completed orders for the new ROTJ gauntlets..I gottah take care of those guys before they linch me :p

Absolute amazing work as usual!:cheers I gotta say I like the idea of dying the rubber yellow. Since the armor can flex, I was wondering if the somebody painted this, would the paint peel, crack, chip, etc. if the armor was bent too much. Again I don't know much about painting, but I really like the idea of dying the armor.
Jimmy B,

Some of us touched base on this a while back...Just keep your top-coats to 2-3 layers. I've applied several heavy coats on an old set without a problem.

The rubber I use is very dense material. It only flex's when pressure is applied to it. Most of the flex is concentrated on just a few spots of the knee armor durring wear which minimizes possible paint damage concerns..Best I can describe it ? Imagine flexing the top of a Tupper-ware container, "That's the density" !

Hope this helps,
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